Gambrit International School – Bilingual School for Islamic and Academic Studies

At Gambrit International School, we are committed to providing a comprehensive range of services that cater to the academic and Islamic education needs of our students. Our school environment is designed to foster a sense of belonging and ensure equal opportunities for all.

Academic and Islamic Education

Our core focus is on providing an excellent academic and Islamic education within an Islamic environment. We offer a balanced curriculum that integrates the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, alongside the British Curriculum. Our students engage in learning the Arabic language, Quranic memorisation, Islamic studies, and a wide range of secular subjects such as language, literature, science, and mathematics.

Quran Memorisation

At Gambrit International School, we have a dedicated Hifz department that provides quality lessons and guidance to help students memorise the Holy Qur’an. We understand the significance of Quranic memorisation in developing a strong connection with Allah and nurturing spiritual growth.

Islamic Studies

Our Islamic studies program is designed to deepen students’ understanding of Islam and its teachings. Through engaging lessons and discussions, students learn about the pillars of Islam, the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Islamic history, ethics, and moral values. We aim to instil a sense of love for Islam and encourage students to apply Islamic principles in their daily lives.

Secular Education

In addition to our focus on Islamic education, we offer a comprehensive secular education program. Our qualified and experienced teachers provide instruction in various subjects, including language, literature, literacy, science, mathematics, and more. We strive to ensure that our students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in their academic pursuits and future endeavours.

Our Core Values

At Gambrit International School, we uphold four core values that serve as the guiding principles for our students, staff, and community. We integrate these values into all aspects of their education, creating an environment that encourages personal growth, ethical behaviour, and positive contributions to society.


Respect is the foundation of our school culture. We emphasise the importance of treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Through fostering an environment of respect, we aim to create a harmonious and inclusive community where every individual feels valued and appreciated.


Honesty is a fundamental value we instil in our students. We believe in the power of truthfulness in both words and actions. By practising honesty, our students develop integrity, build trust, and become responsible members of society.


Cooperation is at the heart of our approach to education. We encourage our students to work together, supporting one another in their learning journeys. By fostering a spirit of collaboration, we aim to cultivate teamwork skills and teach our students the importance of collective efforts in achieving excellence.


Compassion lies at the core of everything we do at Gambrit International School. We promote empathy and deep awareness of Islamic ethos among our students. Through acts of kindness and understanding, we strive to nurture compassionate individuals who demonstrate care and concern for others.

Join Gambrit School

We welcome students and families who share our vision of an excellent academic and Islamic education. Join us at Gambrit School and become part of a community that fosters growth, compassion, and a commitment to lifelong learning.